Collection Uploads Notifications

These are my speeds at rush-hour, with AT&T fiber.
Uploads improve outside rush-hour.

Even so, a full 50% of my collection uploads FAIL.
The notification is tiny little 3 second pop-up in the bottom left up the upload screen - success or fail.
This may be enough if uploads succeeded 99% of the time.
But that’s not the Velo I experience.

I do several monthly uploads that take about 15 minutes to complete, if no error occurs. When I return to the screen, it always takes detective work to see if the upload succeeded - only to find about 50% (!) of the time that it failed.


How about an old school notification that lets the user know instantly if an upload failed or succeeded? Not for 3 seconds, but until the user clears the message.

Site pages take a minute to load, or they fail … terribly slow!