Conditional buttons in Repeaters

help! I’ve seen hundred examples of code that will display a button or element in a repeater conditionally based on dataset field entry. But I just get lost in the code, especially in the comments with corrections! I am creating a directory, and some people will have websites, Facebook, Insta, etc, and some won’t. I need these elements to only display when the field for each respective element is not empty. Thank you to anyone who could provide an example that color codes the the “code” that I need to change to coincide to my element names.

Hello! I think you will get more response from the community if you post what you have tried and where you are stuck specifically in the code.

Here is the last one I tried. I know to change the name of the repeater, dataset, and element, but I think some of the other coding elements may be specific to someone else’s page.

export function repeater2_itemReady ( $item , itemData , index ) {
if ( dataset1 . facebook === “” ) {
$w ( “#facebook” ). hide ();
} else {
$w ( “#facebook” ). show ();