connect repeater to table selection

Hi, I’m wanting to connect a repeater text box to a selection made in a table. I’ve looked on the forum and tried various code examples without achieving what I need, can any members give any guidance on this? To let you understand the link for the site in progress -
Clicking on a course title eg " Understanding Blues Guitar. Part ll" , I need the repeater to show only the uploaded comment/video for that course. Any help much appreciated.

Hi, You need to set up event handlers for your logic in the onItemReady() event of the repeater.
The onItemReady() is an event that is triggered whenever a new item is inserted to the repeater’s data allowing you to write logic specific to said item.
In your case the onItemReady() function should check what item is currently being inserted and perform whatever logic you need with that said item’s elements like text boxes.

You can view more information on how to use onItemReady() here:$w.Repeater.html

you can also view an example of how to work with a repeater’s elements here:

and some more reading materials on repeaters here: