Connect Text from Database to HTML Code

I’m trying to set up a store on my site using HTML from a third party website. It would be easier to manage if I could put the code as text into a dataset then connect it to an HTML box. This way I could put the HTML boxes in a repeater and set up the store that way, instead of manually adding an HTML box every time I need to add a new “store” item.

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Hey GCC, it seem like every problem I have you seem to have it a few hours before me haha. This is the 4th thread I’ve seen you on… but in this case I might be able to help.

For some reason I could not get this to work when I coded it but if you copy and paste it from the example site’s code linked here, you can get it to work. just call the database item, then replace the black parts of the HTML code in the example HTML text. Then replace all the blue HTML (with the exception of the <a…> and ) with the HTML code you want.

It’s a little bit of a hack job but it worked for me.

Thanks Matt, but I’m unsure if this example is what I’m looking for, I’m a little confused. Wouldn’t this still require me to add each item individually into the code? If you could include screenshots of what you’ve done (code & results), please, maybe it will make more sense to me.

so i wrote a program that reformats the date and saves it as ‘date’. date is then formatted using html. lastly, the textbox is set to equal the newly formatted date. I could not get the html to reference the variable until i just copied it from that link i posted earlier. I’m not a coder so who knows if this is the right way to do it but it works for me.

also please ignore all the spelling errors haha