console prints in routers

I started using wix-router functionality. I used the sample code created in routers.js (// SAMPLE DATA const peopleData = { …)
I added some prints (console.log() ) to better understand the flow, but wasn’t able to see any of the prints in browser console on Published site (even setting browser’s console settings to ‘verbose’). I found out that while I’m viewing site in Preview mode, I’m able to see the prints I have added in ‘Developer console’. However when adding some print on Frontend side, I may see them both in browser’s console and Wix Developer Console.
Is it expected limitation? How I may add some prints for debug on Published site?


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Hi Dima, this sounds like a bug, I’ll pass it on to the team. Thanks for reporting!

No problem Tomer. BTW it seems Wix team didn’t take a look at another issue I saw: I think worth moving it to the team if it still reproduces.

I’ll ping someone, thanks!

have you found the solution?

Today I think it is intentional that router prints are not seen in browser console for security reasons.
The possible way to see the prints is to use site monitoring feature WIX released a while ago: