contacts.queryContacts always return null for extendedFields properties

export function myQueryContactsCustomField(options) {

    return contacts.queryContacts()
        .then(queryResults => {
            let contacts = new Array();
            let abrisLst = new Array();
            let casierLst = new Array();

            contacts = queryResults.items;

            contacts.forEach(element => {

            const casierAbris = {
                "casiers": casierLst,
                "abris": abrisLst
            return casierAbris;
        .catch(error => {
            return null;

the result of the console.table highlight is always null and I am having several custom field being and having a value.
Did somebody had already create a list of the value of all the custom fields created for each contacts?
If so, can you provide a sample code. Thanks

here is a partial list of customFields created: