Container not centering/too wide on mobile

On mobile, I have this container, image, and container with the orange outline widths set to 100%. However, there appears to be some sort of extra space on the right side causing the image and container to run off the right side of the page.

As far as I can tell, I checked everything inside the overall container (image, orange box, and text boxes) and they are all set at 100vw and don’t have side margins. For instance, here’s the settings for the image:

I’ve done the check on your site and the situation is a little bit complicated with this, you are using a container, inside of the container, I would probably get rid of one of them, and use grids 1:2 horizontal for desktop and tablets and 1:2 vertical for mobile.
I’ve created a small recording for you, one how you can do this:

you can use a different approach, just by using the stretch button, but I guess we need to fight the root of the issue, not the symptom…

This worked perfectly. Thanks for the video!