Content Manager - how to leave field value empty, or hide value, if there's no data?

I am working on a site for a Realtor, and using the content manager to manage their property listings.
Most properties have the same data sets, but there is the odd exception. In those cases, if I don’t have the data for a specific field, I would like that field to either not display at all, or be able to put a value of “N/A”.

I am running into difficulty with the following examples:

  1. If there is no virtual tour of a specific property. The content manager has a field name ‘Virtual Tour’ with the Field Type set as “URL”. This is great if I have a tour link, but for properties that don’t, if I leave that field empty it displays as “http://N/A” vs just a simple “N/A”.
  2. For commercial listings that don’t require a count for bedrooms or bathrooms (as a residential property would). Again, the content manager has fields for “Bedrooms” and “Bathrooms”, both of which have Field Type set as “Number”. As it’s set to a number field type, it won’t let me enter a text value of “N/A”. Alternately, if I change it to a Field Type of “Text”, it won’t let me input a number value. So I’m left with having commercial listings that read “Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0”. I would prefer to just have those fields either not show at all, or be able to enter a value of “N/A”.
  3. Once a listing has sold, I would like to leave it in the content manager list of properties, but disable to auto-generated link so visitors to the site can see the main grid image with the ‘sold’ marking, but not be able to click on the image to access the listing’s details from when it was active. Again, I tried to just delete the auto-generated link in the Properties field, but i get a message “autogenerated field cannot be modified”

I am trying to keep this as much a ‘one size fits all’ as possible, to make data entry as easy as possible for their assistant who inputs the listings. Any suggestions or workarounds would be very much appreciated.