Content restricted to Event attendees

Hi there, I’m sure this question was asked numerous times, but I’m not able to find the answer.

Is there a way to restrict content to paid event attendees? I’d like to upload an online event recording, and make it available only to the given event ticket holders. I know I can password-protect a page, but it’s clunky to ask people to remember a password.

A member who purchased a ticket to an event should be able to access the event recording in their member area without an extra password, and the recording should not be accessible to people who didn’t buy tickets.

What’s the best way/workaround to accomplish that?
here is the info from the article for you:
Only selected members or paying customers: This option allows you to limit access to people specific member roles or to charge for access to a page using the Pricing Plans app .

Thanks Andrew!

I understand I am able to restrict content to member roles or members on a specific pricing plan. This doesn’t however solve what I’m trying to achieve. I’d like the page to be accessible to people who purchased tickets to a one-off event, and are not necessarily part of an ongoing membership pricing plan. An attendee-only page with for example zoom access details, livestream link/embed, and the event recording. Something the person will later on be able to access within their member area. Otherwise I can only send these via email, which people are more likely to lose. It’s quite a no-brainer to have it set up in this way, and I bet many people would love to be able to achieve this result.

I’ve done additional research and unfortunately integration with members area is under the development at this point, but you can vote for it here:
so at this point, you can work with roles and password protected pages only :sweat:


Thanks, much appreciated!