Create a schedule bookmark for an event via REST API

I’m trying to add bookmarks to an event schedule via REST API. In the docs it says “Bookmarks schedule item for current member.”

How do I tell the API who the current member is?

You can use either Wix Login or Custom Login to get an Authorization token that you can then provide in the header of your request.

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I still have some missing links conceptually. I want to extend the functionality of the Wix events schedule - which is nice, because it is integrated in the app, but is also still very basic. I want to put - for seo and ux reasons - each item of the schedule on a dynamic page which is linked to the Wix events table in the cms and give logged-in users the opportunity to add bookmarks to their personal schedule on these pages as well. Could you give me a hint whether this is technically feasible or should I move on with my life? :wink:

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At the moment the way to do this would be to reimplement yourself and use the velo libraries available. It would be a good amount of effort. I’ve never done it so I can’t speak to the feature completeness.

Got it, thanks for your answer.