Creating a member unique page gathering all pages with permissions

Hi all and thank you very much for being so helpful. I learnt a lot by reading here, and I hope you can assist me with this problem as well. I have no background with coding, but I managed to get by so far with some help from friends.

Basically I am building a tourism website with different “digital courses”, in which every course equals a subscription (and having a dedicated pricing plan). When a customer buys a subscription, he gets access to a different page (this is set by “permissions” to paying customers only).

What I would like to know is if it’s possible to create a unique page for every paying customer, based on his purchases history, from which he’ll be able to access the courses that he bought. Pretty similar to the already built-in “My Subscriptions” page, with the possibility to actually being able to enter the pages with permissions.

Is it possible to build such a page using code?

Thank you as always!

Tom M.