Creating a reference form - Need Advice

I am working on a project that requires certain site members to submit two separate references from two nominated referees.

Ideally I would like the site members to be able to enter the email addresses of the referees into a form that when submitted sends a private link to the referee. This private link would open the reference form for the referee to submit.

Once submitted the form submission data will be linked to the site members profile. I would like to avoid asking referees to join as site members.

I have worked out how I would like to do the first part, but would like some advice on the best way to store and link the referee form data. Please let me know if you have any relevant examples or advice :smiling_face:

Use dynamic pages & databases

Submit data from site member to a database and each item would generate a dynamic page. You can use the _id of the item as the page’s path${ID}

You can use a data hook (afterInsert) to send an email to the refree which would basically be like the url shown above. The ID will be a 16 digit random string generated by the system so only if they receive it in the mail they will be able to access it.

@shantanukumar847 thank you so much!