Custom Login Page Functionality!

Can anyone help me with login functionality on my fintech website?
Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Niall,

If you want to learn how to do it yourself, this example might shed some light:

If you want to hire someone to create this for you can you click this link:

Good luck,

Is there a way of doing it without using a lightbox?

You can, just put the elements on the page and code on the page.

@certified-code I have done that but I need to get the code functioning properly

@certified-code Can you please get back to me on the above?

I am quite sure, that i already suggested you → NOT to use the old and DEPRICATED → Wix-Users-API.

You just make everything more complicated! Why?
Ok → Let’s say you will not hear again to my suggestion and use the old API, what will be the result?

In a few month when the Wix-User-API will be removed completely from the VELO-API-DOCs → you will suddenly get an → ERROR on your site.

You will also ask yourself → HEY! WHAT’S GOING ON?!? → Because your whole loggin-system won’t work anymore!

If you want to do it the → RIGHT-WAY <— and if you want to …
I have done that but I need to get the code functioning
…get your code working well, then start to use the new API, no matter if the new API has still a little bug or not, because known workarounds for the little bug already exists.

All important informations, you will get in the following post…

Good luck!

@russian-dima I dont want to change my front-end design on the login page. What are the remainging steps? Thanks!

@niallmagner It has nothing to do with → DESIGN <–.
You have just to change your whole code.
Did you read the linked post?
Normaly you should be able to find every needed information in the shown post, to be able to reconstruct a working login → using the new API.
Almost every single step is well described and even all potential ERRORs, you can be confronted with are also mentioned in the post.

Study the shown example and use the knowledge for your own Login, to be able to develope the right working code.

It can’t be more simple then shown in the example!

@russian-dima can you provide me wth the URL link?

@niallmagner I already did. You did not see the provided link?

Here once again…

You will find all your answers in this post!

@russian-dima ok thanks for tghe link. I have stripped code back to begain again. Do I keep the $w . onReady ( function () or should I delete that too?

$w.onReady() → should always be one of your first coding lines in every of your pages. This part is :arrow_right: ESSENTIAL like an :arrow_right: API-import.

Just memorize it in your mind → YOU ALWAYS START CODING WITH → $w.onReady-code-part.

@russian-dima ok thanks. Here’s where I’m at now with the start of the revised code. I’m not sure where getMember() is located?

You should pay more attetion when reading my provided posts. Normaly every step is explained and described very good.

The whole code already exist, all you have to do is almost → COPY&PASTE

And some additional corrections, also provided in the shown post…

@russian-dima Just one thing. Did you link getMember() to a database?

How do I link the code to my database?

If I’m following this thread correctly (only read the last couple of posts) then I think you’ve misunderstood slightly. The function ‘getMember’ only looks at the current logged in session. Technically it probably won’t look at the database at all only sessions/cookies but that is all under the hood and doesn’t matter. The only thing you need to understand around this function is that it only retrieves data for the current logged in user.

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@davelyons So do I keep getMamber() and what changes do I need to make to my code?

Can anyone give me any further guidance?