Custom Music Player Won't Restart Seek Time

I’m creating a music player on my website. It’s connected to a dataset and table so that when you click the row with the track, it will populate the audio player.

I have this all set up and connected to my dataset, however, when it switches tracks, the current track time doesn’t reset to 0:00, rather, the new track starts where the last one left off.
(So if track 1 was at 0:33 when the user switches to track 2, track 2 starts at 0:33 and not at the beginning.)

I tried to remedy this by using the on table click event and on row select event, but it doesn’t work on the first click, only on the second. Should I use an onready function, or perhaps add a delay so that the audio player can repopulate? Help!

My current code is this:
export function table1_click ( event ) {
$w ( “#audioPlayer1” ). stop ();

though I’ve tried this as well:
export function table1_rowSelect ( event ) {
$w ( “#audioPlayer1” ). seek ( 0 );

…and variations of the two. Hoping this is an easy fix.