Dashboard with WIX (911)


Im creating a dashboard that will contain certain information within it. It looks like a similar admin dashboard and it is presumed, that it will be useful and easy to use.
But Im stuck, it is already couple of weeks I cannot figure how to make it without actual paging updates. The closest I got is to make a Button and link it to a Lightbox and put everything I need in that Lightbox. But it’s impossible to remove or resize the Overlay behind the Lighbox and it requires first to close the overlay and after push the button (two clicks).

I was also trying to link a simple Button to any Object on the page, but the Button “linkability” is also limited and hence I can’t link it to an Object on the page.

I was even trying to implement Buttons within the Lightbox in order to avoid doubleclicking, but still unfortunate…

The only way I found is to make several Buttons linked to a different pages but this unfortinatelly not a user-friendly way. It needed to be on one page.

My questions are: If I want to build a simple two button dashboard, on One page, what should I do?
The second is - if I want to remove the Overlay from the Lightbox, what shout I do? At leat where to start?

This is really 911.