Hi all, coming from a database logical development background, I am not a hardcoder per se, so thought maybe you might have ideas on my challenge/query.
I have designed a complete Event Management system (actually I built all tables and entities in salesforce initially), my web application built in Django (python) used queries to retrieve data and generate static (well dynamic) event pages. Often these queries run across 2 or 3 objects (Example Speaker > Event > Course > Course Type) in order to display the correct information in the final resulting page.
Anyway cut to the chase I can link datasets with foreign keys, so how would you genius programmers do it? I was thinking to rebuild the database externally and then retrieve the data via WIX API, but was hoping someone has some ideas in this area.

Hay Lucas,

If i understand right, you are asking about two things -

Import data to Wix - will be available soon

foreign keys between tables - we will soon release a feature that, while different, enables you to solve the same as foreign keys in relational database.

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Hi Yoav,

thanks for the quick input.
importing should be a major issue for us at the beginning, we do have a large legacy dataset but we are more concerned with future events and trainings so more or less we can manage for now. Although a CSV or EXCEL import might be a lot more efficient.

As for the foreign key workaround, any idea of the ETA on that? Any ideas on temporary workarounds while we wait?

Hi…just checking in here again

Hay Lucas,

Stay tuned. both features at on their way.