Not sure if this is the right place due to WIXCode changes with emails and such, to put this request atm,

At this point in time Would like to randomize a DataField Column to three selections, and present the result into a Select-able drop down input box; all info is pulled from a database. The randomization would occur only once per day.


So what is the question?

  1. On the page code before fetching data from DB, call a function (your own) to get the column name to be used
  2. In the function code (could be backed/frontend) you can use additional collection to store the “today’s” selection. The code would check whether there is a selection for today (by date) - in case it is, just take it and return, otherwise - make random choice on the column name, store it in the collection and return.

Another approach could be to create a function that will return a choice for the column name based on the date (for example - column_id = new Date().getDay() % 3 - but this is less random, as it will iterate the IDs 1-1-2. Is it good enough - depends on your use case)