Dateset Not working after Publishing the website

Sir I have a problem my website working very well about 2 weeks but as I Add a Subscription page to my website and Publish it,then my website stop counting work.While I have tried now content manager backups and also publishing website history sites but all in vain How to restore it now? website is

You will need to better explain the problem in order to receive assistance… What page did you add? What isn’t working? Explain where and how to see the problem.

To revert to an older version of your site, see the article Viewing and Managing Your Site History .

I added this page but Dataset is connected to this page which not working after publish the site while it working very well from 24 Nov to 7 Dec 2020

what,s will be happen after publishing the site that stop working of counting system that connected by datasets.

I don’t know what you mean by “counting system”. What is it? Where is it? What’s it supposed to do? What is the problem with it?

I don’t see how adding a page could affect the functioning of another page.

Looking at the my-acc page, I see a number of issues:

The Repeater onItemReady() function sets the function that runs when a new repeated item is created. It should be in the page’s onReady() function, and not in a subroutine.

In the onItemReady() function, you are trying to set a text field #txtTemp that does not exist.

It seems to me that the problems you are encountering are not connected to adding a new page, rather they have more to do with the code in then my-acc page. You will need to fix the errors and the flow logic on this page.

I need to restore only the Dataset connected page which is not working now after publishing site while I publish the website many time before it on 25 Dec,27,28 Nov and also 1 Dec but then don,t stop the work.But I think its not publishing problem because i have not publish the site between 1 Dec to 8 Dec 2020 while the website stop working on 8 Dec.I have publish the site on 9 Dec 2020.I told of publish the site by mistake its leave the work automatically. Now to how to restore it.I can share my credential if you can some help me to connect the datasets or restore it again.

You can’t just restore one page from the Site History. You restore to a previous working version and then add the new page again. Or clone your site, get the working version on your original site, and then copy the original my-acc page to the new cloned site.

I mportant: You have errors in your code that need to be fixed. I doubt that going back to an old version will help. These errors will need to be fixed whatever you do.

If you need further details or clarification, I would recommend contacting Wix Customer Care , as they will be better able to handle your problem.

Additional to Yisraels suggestions…

You want to restore?
Why not use Wix “progress-recovery” to recover your old version of your website again ?

@yisrael-wix Not One page,I want to restore complete website

@russian-dima I have tried this method but not working…