Default Out Of The Box Wix Pro Gallery: Duplicate Images but Blank, Load More Button but Not Active

Hi team, any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Everything was working perfectly in December 2020, then something changed.

Q. Do we have to write code manually to create the default Wix Pro Gallery?

We have a Premium Wix Plan, have contacted Wix support team, a ticket is open, based on other feedback we have low confidence of a response.

Default Wix Pro Gallery, Out Of The Box:

  1. Load More button fails to load more (inactive button)

  2. Gallery Duplicate Images - Last image in gallery is duplicated, and blank

  3. Occurs on Chrome/Firefox/Safari desktop browsers

  4. Screenshots attached

  5. Reproducible at securelance . com . au /devsecops (NOTE: spaces in URL as required by this forum)

  6. Various attempts to resolve ineffective