Define Text as a Button

Hey there!

I’m trying to define a “Click Here” text to have some-what-of-a-button functionality. What do I mean?
There’s a built-in option with Wix to define text inside a text frame as a link, that looks like this:

But I can’t use the onClick functionality with it, since these are the only link options:

Clicking it should call show() and disable() on other buttons in the content page and save some data on my site’s database, so I need better functionality than the link options.

I tried setting it as a button and placing in at the right place to look like it’s part of the text, like so:

But when I publish the site, it moves to a different location for every browser, as you can see here:

I didn’t find a coding way to place it exactly where I need it, by setting the x and y properties of the button, relative to the text frame, that has no style property.

Any thoughts?


This is a tricky one that I’m not sure there’s a clear solution to. Your best bet is set this up as a link, not a button, which is a better practice and will look more consistent across browsers. You can find some guidance as to how to do this here .

Hope this helps


Hey Rob, thanks for trying to help.

Unfortunately, the link refers to a different issue with buttons and not links.

I have tried setting up a link, as I agree with your saying that it’s a better practice, but with Wix my options for it’s functionality are limited (as I described above).

Because clicking it should trigger other button functionality within the same lightbox the link is a part of, I can’t use the current offered Wix functions.