Designing across Break Points

A suggestion, and a question. (Perhaps this is best shared with the Editor X product manager).
I’ve recently moved from Adobe Muse to build my websites to Wix Editor X, and have about 4 websites built with Editor X at this time. I find the most frustration in my Wix workflow is when I have the desktop break point finished and turn my efforts to creating the tablet and mobile breakpoints. Trying to reorganize the smaller break points without changing the hierarchy of many elements on the page seems impossible. This leads to endless ‘repairs’ needed on the larger break points. I inevitably find it easier to ‘start over’ for recreating each of the smaller break points.
Question - Now I know you guys are pretty clever (I can see that in how the rest of the system works), so there must be a benefit to keeping the elements ‘connected’ to their larger break point sibling, but I can’t see it, so what is that benefit?
Suggestion - As an alternative, I’d suggest copying all of the layout from larger to smaller break points (as you already do) and have an option available (perhaps a button) to then leave them as ‘un-attached’ from their larger break point sibling, so we can organize them as needed to look good in the smaller break point.
Another suggestion – If you aren’t going to ‘detach’ the elements a training video of tips on how to get past this would be much appreciated.
Gary nanos

Hi Gary I’m Meytal from the Editor X product team.
About your question, first it’s important to understand that the breakpoints override CSS design rules, but changing the page structure changes the HTML of the page.

To read more about it here is a good article we posted about it with all the information:

Thanks for sharing we are here for any other questions!