Disable button if the previous button has not been submitted

Hi! I would like to disable the button “Click to talk to the driver” until the “submit your request” button has not been clicked before.

I’m trying to submit content on a dynamic page (title) and still direct the user towards a WhatsApp unique link that each driver has.

Basically, the flow that I need is this one:

  1. The client fills out the form

  2. Client clicks on the “submit your request button” to send the data to the correct database. (The other button is disabled)

  3. After the submission is successful, the next step is to click the button “Click to talk to the driver” since it has been enabled for the client to talk to the driver.

See screenshots:

I’m trying everything I can see from Velo but it’s not working…

Thanks for your help in advance,


Make the “driver” button disabled on load (on the property panel.

$w.onReady(() => {
    $w('#dataset1').onReady(() => {