Disappearing of Multi-page Form

Hello anyone,

Did any of you encounter the problem of seeing nothing (literally blank) after clicking “next” button to proceed to the consequent page on your multi-page form?

For example, Page 2 didn’t successfully load and appear blank when you click “next” button on Page 1.



Hi elroblehomecare
If it still is not working and there is no obvious cause check the console, if it is a load error like you suspect it should probably throw an error message

Console Shortcut keys:
Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+J (OSX: Ctrl+Opt+J)
Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + K (OSX: Cmd + Opt + k)
Safari: Cmd+Opt+C

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Thanks for the tips! I will try them when this issue happens again

Hi there, have u created a form with multi pages? im wondering how to confi the info on the database, cause i did a form with 8 pages but the info on the database, is saved in differents rows and i don’t know how to fix it! Do u have an idea? Thanks