Display a searched database with filters

I’m new to databases on wix and have created one, made my site and got what I want to work in a fashion but I don’t like it, it’s not smooth and requires a lot of pages.

Let me explain - www.rideabout.info is my site, under Tour sites people can choose which country they want to tour and based on data base fields only the tour companies which visit that country will be displayed in the appropriate page. However I’ve created a page per country and done a filter in that page only to display what I want.

What I want is to have one page with a drop down box which contains all the counties and you just choose what you want and on the same page it displays the results, so only one page.

On a test page I created a drop down menu box with another database but cant connect the two together with any kind of filter code so ended up doing it this way which is very page intensive. Ultimately I want to add filters such as country and on or off road tours, any other difference people may want.

Hope this makes sense…