Displaying a previous entry for reference

I have a five part form. The main part is BASIC INFORMATION which includes an entry field (text) with a name of a person that will be entered by the user… Further down on the page, each other part of the form is a specific thing to be ordered.
To insure accuracy, I want to have the named person repeated for reference. Ideally, I would like to be able to (on each of the latter parts) correct that name if the original name in BASIC INFORMATION was incorrect. Ideally, again, I would like all the other parts where the persons name is corrected to be the same as the last correction made.


Under BASIC INFORMATION, Enter the name of the person (field entry) DECEDENTS NAME.

Under Part 2, 3, 4 and 5 the DECEDENTS NAME will be displayed to insure accuracy… User would make any correction to the name and it would populate all DECEDENTS NAME with the correction on all of the other parts, including BASIC INFORMATION.

This would make it easier for the USER to not have to go all the way back to BASIC INFORMATION to change the name, then return to any other parts of the form.

Possible? Easy on the explanation, I’m still baffled and befuddled about database entries.