Displaying list of all collection links on collection specific page.

Hello everyone,
I would like to display list of all my collections on a collection specific page just like collections filter. Wix displays only the related collections in filter. I created a text list of all collections manually with each collection title linking to a particular collection. See the attached image.

Now since the red boxes are not part of gridGallery, re-sizing the browser screen makes this component disapprear, they don’t follow responsive behaviour. On smaller screen, they would be dragged far left, out of black filter frame and then simply out of the screen.

I wanted to find a way to display all collections as fitler or I wanted to append these blocks to some element of gridGallery such that they would follow responsive behaviour of gridGallery. For example appending left list of collections under PRICE filter using VELO coding. Please note that this is a dynamic store Collections(Name) page and as such Wix can not display all available collections in filter for such a page.

Can someone help me achieve this?

Thank you in advance.