Displaying maps with overlays?

I’m new to Wix but not development. I have GIS data for the boundaries of various political districts. I would like to display street maps with a shaded district shape as an overlay. I want the map to initially automatically zoom to the bounding box of the district. Is there a way to do this in Wix?

Yes, there are possibilities to generate such a functionality.

Maybe this simple example here, can help you…


Not exactly the same what you are searching for, but very similar.
With some modifications, you will be able to get your wanted RESULT.

Database running in the BACKGROUND.

Instead of showing data out of database, you also can show and hide OVERLAY-IMAGES, placed on your MAP for each of the districts.

What you will need to get your result?

  1. A complete MAP of all districts.
  2. Overlay-Images of each DISTRICT placed on the MAP (maybe even in different collors).
  3. Hide those OVERLAY-IMAGES onReady() of the page.
  4. Adding an event-handler (onMouseOver) —> show the related OVERLAY-IMAGE
  5. onMouseOut —> hidding the current OVERLAY-IMAGE again.

Have fun and good luck.