Displaying member specific data - querying database by email instead of "ID" or "owner"

I’ve seen several posts about displaying member specific data, but can’t seem to find a solution that will work for my site. Here’s my setup:

  1. person requests to become a member
  2. automatic email is sent with a custom form to collect information about the person. The form is linked to a database called “members” (permission set to “everyone” to allow inputting data)
  3. if person has the right credentials, admins approve the member request
  4. when members log into the site, they have access to member-only pages where I want to display the information they provided in step 2, so it can be edited/updated. I can’t seem to do this with the ID field or filter a dynamic page by the “owner” field because the input happens before the member is approved. Can I query the current logged in member’s email address (comparing to the email inputted in the member database) using code? Any other ideas?

Note, I have already tried the tutorial “How to Build Your Own Members Area Using Code”, so looking for other options here.

Please help! Thanks.

I’ll suggest you go over the documentations is not difficult but long

Which documents are you referring to? As I mentioned above I’ve already tried the tutorial about members area with code. I have two problems with it: when Members log in it doesn’t query properly and creates a new entry for the person, so my database has duplicates. Second I want to display the “profile” info on a separate member only page instead of a login page. Any other suggestions? is there a way to use the “members pages” to achieve this?