Displaying PDF documents held on database

Users can input PDF files which I hold on a collection in a ‘document’ type field. I can’t find a way to display this on a page - neither text nor image fields can be connected to it. I’ve downloaded the PDF Viewer App, but can’t see how to get the database field connected to this either. Help much appreciated.

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You can use the src property of the HTMLComponent to display a PDF in your collection.

See Nayeli’s post How to Embed a PDF on a Dynamic Page - Tutorial .

Sorry, I was just scouting around to try to find an answer and left replies on previous threads.

Thanks for the links. So as I understand it, I can’t put the PDF document directly onto a field in a collection, it has to be put on its own dynamic page which will then be referenced from a field in a collection.

That leaves the question of how the document gets to be embedded in its page when uploaded by the user. Upload elements seem to link only to fields on a collection.

I’ve gone through all of this carefully. My problem is that the PDF is uploaded to my site by a user and my idea was to simply hold it on a database in a ‘document’ field type. However, it seems that only the url of a page can be accessed from the database and this must be used to access a page holding the PDF. There seems to be no way to directly display a document held on a database.
Understood - but how can I put the PDF on a dynamic page when the user uploads it?

I’ve just noticed that the ‘document’ field type on my database holding the PDF has the option under ‘more options’ of ‘replace with URL’.
It looks as if the PDF is being held on a page without me putting it there. Is this, perhaps, the way forward?

You may use this app to display PDF dynamically from Wix CMS: PDF: View with 3D Flip Effects | Wix App Market | Wix.com

How to use the widget’s API: Working on Velo with PDF: View with 3D Flip Effects app | Certified Code Help Center