Displaying Registered Member Database entry on Dynamic Page

I really need help. Im stuck with coding and I have hit a brick wall! I have xompleted everything else apart from this step. I reached out to wix and they sugested seeking help here. Below is what they have said needs to be done. If theres anyone out there willing to help a helpless Islander would be such a blessing!


Thank you for reaching out Wix Customer Solutions.

I took a look at your site and accessed your editor in order to understand the situation.
The way you have assembled your current dynamic page means that all the information which should be displayed on your page Lot_Owner ID is taken from your sandbox collection Lot_Owner.
At the same time, all new users, when enrolled/registered for a lot, are being stored in Live collection Lot_Owner.
So to solve it, you need to constantly override your sandbox with live data. Otherwise, your freshly registered visitors will be viewing default items which you had chosen when linked buttons to dynamic pages.
To avoid that, you need to use member’s API to pull the active member ID and then build the link dynamically to other pages.
To find out and learn about this feature please visit the following link: Wix Users API
Also, considering all the information mentioned above, you will require to add some custom coding to your pages.
While we support Wix Code features and components here in the Support center, we are unable to provide support for custom coding.

For your needs, we highly recommend using the Wix Code Forum . The Forum is a community where developers and other Wix users engage in common questions and issues.


Could you be more specific in what your needs are. I did not really see a code problem here

That’s the problem. I don’t know what coding to apply. I have never coded. I need code to display the current logged in users data that they inputted

I think the best way for you then will be to either learn coding with the help of tutorials and support documents or find an expert to hire

I have been trying to custom code and the below is the best I came up with but still no luck.

import wixUsers from ‘wix-users’;

// …

let user = wixUsers.currentUser;

let userId = user.id; // “r5cme-6fem-485j-djre-4844c49”
let isLoggedIn = user.loggedIn; // true

.then((email) => {
let userEmail = email; //

.then((text29) => {
let userName = text29; //

.then((text31) => {
let userPhoneNumber = text31; //

.then((text32) => {
let userPrecinct = text32; //

.then((text33) => {
let userLotNumber = text33; //

.then((text34) => {
let userPostalAddress = text34; //

.then((text35) => {
let userOutstanding = text35; //

There is no getName, getPhoneNumber, getPrecinct, getLotNumber, getPostalAddress, getOutstanding methods. Where did you get this code from?
Check out Wix Code API:


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Bula Roi. Thank you for your input, I made that code myself. I took wixs reference and thought I needed to input those codes to retrieve the fields from my database which would display the logged in users data saved in the database (Name, phone number, precinct, etc) I have requested a proprofessionals help to do the coding using Wix but nobody seems to be interested.

@jeanpierre-lihoreau Have you tried Wix Arena?

@Roi Bendet Yes. That was the first thing I tdid. But nobody has been interested in helping me (or me paying them)