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Hello community of experts,
Our French agency has just lost some customers for Wordpress because the platform Wix is strongly criticized.

So, I know that the platform does not have its first criticism, but if you have the opportunity to leave your impression of the platform wix on this site that impact the reputation of Wix it would be cool

There are 1,200 reviews and 50% of their reviews are 1 out of 5.
A little help ?
Thx Denis

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Thanks Dennis. :slight_smile:



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Wix is more than a CMS (content management system) it is a business management system. The invoicing, social media & email tools are all amazing plus clients get a mobile app to run it all on!!! Wix delivers more value to business owners looking to have that kind of business equipment without having to use different subscriptions (ex hootsuite, Mailchimp, quickbooks, Canva)