Dropdown input disable when connect to dataset

Hi! I try to create a dropdown input but seems there is some bug.
I follow this video - YouTube and set the dataset to Read-only but the input disable.

Here’s my setting:

If I change the dataset to Write-only, it returns:

I’ve search many article, but it seems no any solution on my problems…

Or I should connect the input using wix code?

Thanks for help :blush:

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Please share a link to your site so one of us, the WixCode team, can inspect it and provide you with a solution.


Hi Doron,

I fix it with the wix data query =]

That’s my code:

var counter1;
var options = [];

$w.onReady(() => {
.then( (results) => {
let queryData = results.items;
counter1 = queryData.length;

for ( let i =0; i < counter1; i++) {
options[i] = {
value : queryData[i].title,
label : queryData[i].title

$w('#dropdown2').options = options; 


Thanks for your help.

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