Dropdown submenu

Need to create a horizontal dropdown box for my website menu categories to fit and appear all my sub-categories in one place. Attaching the screenshot for reference(www.store.sogo.es).

As you can dee the dropdown menu is coming horizontally and whereas in my website the drop down menu is coming horizontally causing me to limit the sub-categories.

Kindly help me out in creating an horizontal box for my website

When you don’t provide any code, as you can see, you also won’t get any answer.
This forum is an CODE-dedicated one and expects already generated code from the post-opener, to show the community, that you already tried to solve your problem on your own and not just asking for a CODE-SOLUTION!

BTW: You can engage a wix-developer any-time you want.

Here: https://www.wix.com/velo/hire-a-developer

Or: you just simply ask for help by one of the many users to be found here in the FORUM, which will make your wished functions working.