Dynamic Filters.

I have a Staff Manger page
When a user clicks on any of the top manager profiles, it links to a dynamic page which shows the information of that particular manager.
www.xxxx. com/taskforce/{Title} (Here {Title} is a dynamic field which links to a column in the dataset)
Now on this page, at the bottom section, I want to be able to show the photos of those staff member who work under him.

For this I need to put a repeater element at the bottom, to show the photos of junior staff members, with a filter where the “boss” (a column in dataset) would be equal to {Title}
So that all those staff members whose “boss” is this particular person, will get shown on this page at the bottom section.
Currently a dynamic page only shows the information stored in “each single ROW” of the dataset’s container.
So please tell me how to have a dynamic filter, which shows different content based on the changing values of the URL
ie: Currently the filter does not give me an option to add placeholders like {Title}. ( It only takes a fixed value currently )

Or, can you let me know how to grab the value of parameter in the querystring from the URL, so that I can use it as a query to display all staff members that matches that criteria from a dataset?