Dynamic Items (Data Collections) will not display correctly in Internet Explorer

Has anyone else had issues with Internet Explorer displaying dynamic items on a live site? I have a repeater on a page that references a data collection and the page will only display generic placeholders for the images and information I am trying to display. The page displays properly in Chrome. It is beyond me why Wix would provide a feature like this when it doesn’t appear to be supported by one of the most widespread browsers out there.

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Thanks for your post, but those links have nothing to do with my issue. The issue is not with using the builder with IE. I run the builder in Chrome, but people will access the live website with different browsers (predominantly IE). I was contacted within minutes of rolling out the website about it not displaying content properly. When I opened the live site in IE, I saw what they were talking about.

From your first link; per Wix:
Wix currently supports IE11 for live sites only.

Well…that’s not really true.

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@gkenny Thank you , I have solved this problem.