Dynamic Page Filtering a Collection Based Off Another Collection

Hello Coding Gods of Velo, I come to you after hours of searching for a solution and finding nothing!

I run a site where people can purchase items to support different non-profit organizations.

I created a dynamic page showing specific information for each Organization. I am attempting to link the personalized store collection from each non-profit organization in the second section of the page which would allow someone to purchase or learn more about the items for sale from only the non-profit displayed in Section 1.

I can get a repeater to call for the store collection, but it does not filter to match the Organization above and ends up showing all of my collections and products, hence defeating the purpose of the page which is to say - Section 1: All about the non-profit #1: Section 2: Display only items being sold by non-profit #1.

The Ask: Is there a way to get the repeater (or another element) to filter so it only shows products related to the Organization displayed in Section 1?