Dynamic Page or Regular Main Page?

Currently, I’m creating a website for a company that makes custom products. I’m having trouble determining if the most efficient way to create individual product pages is to use dynamic pages or main pages. I don’t think I’d be using the “Wix Stores feature” for this website because it doesn’t seem applicable. The company produces custom products and customers wouldn’t be able to purchase anything online, the website is just for marketing.

@carolyngajito , I think the key question is: Can each product be represented with the same page structure? That is, can you lay out a single page design that will work for each of the products. If you can, then a dynamic page would seem to be an appropriate choice.

On the other hand, if each product requires a very different, hand-crafted layout, then individual pages are the way to go.

Have you thought through the page layout for at least one of the products? Have you then looked at other products, one by one, to see if they can fit that design? If one of the products doesn’t fit the design, can the design be modified in a way that would make it fit that product and still fit the others?

What is that makes you unsure of which way to go? Maybe if you can explain that, we can offer better advice.

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Thanks for the quick reply Jim I appreciate it! I’ll say about 5 pages will have the same page structure and 3 pages will have to be structured differently. I initially thought dynamic pages would be the best approach if all the product pages will have the same structure, but they won’t and that’s the cause for my hesitation.

Also these are really great questions about thinking about layout design thank you!

Individual pages make sense when there’s real value in a handcrafted design for each page.

Here are some of the things that make dynamic pages a good choice:

How many items are you dealing with? If there are a lot of items (lets say fifty, for example), then I’d work really hard to fit them into a single design, because individual pages will be a lot of work. And, at some point, you’ll bump up against the Wix page limit.

How often will the data change? The addition of new pages or edits to existing pages will be a lot easier if you can just add or edit collection records.

Who will maintain the pages? If you want to turn this over to your client, you want the easiest mechanism possible, and, again, that’s editing collection records, not page designs.

In your case, with the small number of products, I can see that dynamic pages may not be the obvious choice.

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