Dynamic Page URL

Hello maybe someone can help me? :slight_smile:

I have a repeater on the Dynamic page https://tkmwerbung.editorx.io/website/elemente that is connected to my database. I have a reference overview page and a detail page.
If you click on one of the projects you should come to the corresponding detail page. This also works as I have set it for the first 3 projects but the URL is not correct because then only “/references/a” is at the top:

I then went into the content management and changed the URL (all red circled projects) if that is at all correct that you can change the URL here

Now the URL is correct but unfortunately it does not find my page anymore.

I can access https://tkmwerbung.editorx.io/website/referenzprojekte/leuchtwurm from my end.

From the looks of the screenshots, the URL field is manually being added. If you have different set of pages for the list page and item page, might recommend checking the URL to make sure the item page (the one creating the details of the projects) is using the right field.

It may also help to use a reference field if you have a collection for the All page and one for the Title page to avoid needing to copy-and-paste the URLs.