Dynamic Pages Auto Template Issue

The new dynamic page automatic templates seem to be causing an issue. It seems the database connections will corrupt if you delete these automatically generated designs (they are rarely relevant to what I am doing and it is easier to delete them and start from scratch as it used to be rather than editing these templates entirely in every way possible to make them match the design and flow of the rest of the website).

It seems that when you delete these automatically generated templates that is messes with the connection to the database, so if I now create a new repeater from scratch and try and link an image or button as you normally would when it is published the link will be broken and just direct to the homepage. The image or text will still connect to the database and show the correct text or image, but the link will not follow through. The same goes for the individual pages if you try to link them with a back button to the category page via the database the published link will instead take you to the homepage.

It must be related as I have still got some of template dynamic pages that I’ve created but not yet edited and those links work both ways perfectly as they should, but any pages where I’ve deleted the templates on are now corrupted.