Dynamic Pages - image field not sharing on facebook

Hi Folks!
I think this has come up before, but I can’t find a definitive answer searching the forum.

I have share buttons set up on dynamic pages. They work! (yay).

On the dynamic pages SEO Settings, under “Which image do you want to share on social?” I have connected it to an image field (called “selfie”) from the dynamic pages database.

However, when I either test in preview or go to the live site, and press the facebook share button - there is no image! All the other connected fields from the database appear ie. Title & Description. But no image…

One solution seems to be to retroactively Facebook debug each individual dynamic item page’s url one at a time. I tried that, it worked. But, neither I nor my client have the time or capacity to do this each and every time! This is a self-generated page where eventually we hope to have hundreds of entries

The solution I am looking for, is how to make sure the image field (in this case “selfie”) appears automatically the first time.

Images are protected therefore cannot be shared.

@carlos-alvarez Hi, I’m having the same issue… Where can I change the protected status of the images, if that’s the problem?

Can someone comment on this? Why is this an issue for dynamic pages? Isn’t that the point of the SEO settings?