Dynamic Video Title Text Link List

Hi, I’m looking to dynamically generate a list of text links displaying the video title in order of all currently uploaded Wix videos in a specified channel.

Videos are hosted in Wix with non external.

Seems easy enough to display if I can find where the data is stored!


After every-uploaded-file you should be able to get the data of the uploded file.

$w("#myUploadButton").fileType = "Image"; // Site visitor can choose an image 
    $w('#myButton').onClick( () => {                 
    if ($w("#myUploadButton").value.length > 0) {  // Site visitor chose a file
        console.log("Uploading the following files:")
        .then( (uploadedFiles) => {console.log("Uploaded-Files: ", uploadedFiles)
            uploadedFiles.forEach(uploadedFile => {
            console.log("File url:" + uploadedFile.fileUrl);
        console.log("Upload successful.");
        } )
        .catch( (uploadError) => {
        console.log("File upload error: " + uploadError.errorCode);
        } );
    else {  // Site visitor clicked button but didn't choose a file
        console.log("Please choose a file to upload.")

Hey V-N, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I don’t think this script would suit my situation.

Videos are only uploaded by myself via Wix Video to a channel called ‘Learning Videos’. No user videos will be uploaded or listed.

I’m wanting to dynamically generate a list of text links without video thumbnail image slowing down the page. It takes approx 25 seconds to click multiple times and load the 80+ video previews currently in this channel with more being added each week. A simplistic text list would be enough for my students to find what they want.

Example generated list (see attached screenshot)…

082 - Muscore
081 - What A Night
080 - How To Record with Garageband
079 - String Volume Adjustment


Wix Video → Is that an → APP ???
Attention, APPs are in most cases not customizable!
APPs have either some provided APIs, which gives you the possibility of CUSTOMISATION, for example → Wix-Members-App—> you can use this API-Library for…

So if you are using an APP, i think there is no way for you, since i can’t find any API for it, just this one …

In the worst case, you’ll have to set-up your own Video-Manager-Tool, from scratch, something like …(my first attemts of real coding xD)…


To give you more insights, i would need to (inspect) know your project-setup much better. Perhaps i am also on wrong way.