Edit text inspector Ui clipping

Is there an alternative way to open the element settings to edit text?

It’s a known issue/bug for the inspector panel to clip/cut off. In most cases you can resize the window and if lucky it may be accessible. But there are occasions where it doesn’t and I really don’t feel like moving around and misaligning 500 elements to edit two words of text.

There was another thread on this but since they closed it off without actually publicly giving a solution I’m reopening it :slight_smile:
Any editor x gurus out there to help?

As you can see 70% of the panel is missing :smiley:

could you record the video of whole editing issue process for us?
is the browser zoom set to 100%?

Well I manually duplicated it to edit it so now it’s fixed, but yes the browser zoom was set to 100% and I tried refreshing maybe it was a bug but nope.

Although it’s pretty self explanatory but basically it should have looked like this:

You can see that in the original screenshot you can only see to where the comment ends…

Anyways you should add a way to pop out the inspector or add a secondary way to get to the settings so if you do encounter something like this you don’t have to duplicate the element and drag it to the right to reach the settings.

thank you for more information
we will report this behavior to the relevant team for the usability to be improved