Editing Custom Profile after initial creation

Good evening,

I am running into an issue with understanding how to edit a profile after I have created it. I can publish the website and click on the Login Bar and then click on “Container Account Page”(Which is under Member Pages) where I have created a custom form that allows each user to create a custom profile. Then I can see this profile come up on the “Profile Search Results Page”. Users can select and view the profile with no problem. My questions is how can users click on their own custom profile(Which was created as a Dynamic Page) and be able to edit it? Right now on the published page, I can go on the login bar and continue to click on the Container Account Page and keep creating profiles. I would like users to be able to create and edit their profile page, but also be able to only create 1 profile…



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Lol! Solid choice. However, when they are logged in, there is an ability to create additional ones. Perhaps there is an option to to have them add their registration email, and somehow code it to only allow one profile per email. But as of now, can keep creating profiles under 1 logged in account.