Editing the height of a section with a container box in it?

Hi Again,
could you please take a look at my screen grab. For the life of me… I can’t get rid of the large space above my repeater box? The top blue line is the top of the section and the next blue line denotes the top of the repeater box. The repeater is resting on the bottom of the section - but I can’t decrease that space above?

Thank you in advance

James (UK)

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Hi James,

Thank you for sharing your experience.
We would love to love into this, can you please share your website address or send us a ticket via the Feedback & Help in the topbar?

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You need to check 2 things:

  1. That the section height is not fixed (if the height is fixed and the repeater is docking to bottom, then it makes sense that the repeater sticks to the bottom and there is a space from the top).
  2. Check if the repeater has a Margin from top. If so, reset it to zero and then the repeater will fill the section. (Select the repeater from the Layers panel)


NO THE SECTION IS ON FLUID and the repeater is as follows… see pic.

First day in Editor X!!

I’ve just published [under](under




Thank) you

Got it… On the repeater I had to click here and then on Repeater and it gave me a crosshair to move it up!

Thank you


The repeater has a margin of 140px From top.

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Ahh great!

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Yes. Thats fine… I knew about that bit. Building up slowly. Thanks you for taking the time!

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