Editor X Dynamic Pages

Hello dear Editor X Community!
Can anyone help me?
It’s about the https://fitore2.editorx.io/tkm-fitore-01/elemente.

I have created a dynamic page here because I want to list my reference projects here. This is my page where all of them should be displayed, as you can see here.

Now I want to connect the individual blocks with the corresponding detail pages. I have already created and adapted these individual pages.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to link the blocks so that when someone clicks on the Wallner driving school, for example, they will be taken to the detailed pages of the driving school.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the link. Since this looks like the List page for the dataset, all of the line items should have their own Item page .

In this case, you can select the image and choose to that click action links to the Items page. An example from the preset or there may be a URL field.

If you need to customize the URL for the title page, it’s based of the SEO settings. https://support.wix.com/en/article/creating-a-unique-dynamic-page-url

It worked. Thanks for your help!!!:grin:

HELP - when i link mine this way it is taking the link to the first item in the dataset instead of each individual item and you have to click through.

Might recommend checking the URL of the dynamic item pages to make sure it’s not using similar naming and creating the same URLs.