Editor x is the most buggiest dumpster fire of a website maker and i only use it because it's the best of a bad situation

editor x just made me lose an HOUR worth of text for my about section because i wanted to put a background and the text just decides to leave while putting a background on.

ctrl+z’ing does absolutely NOTHING but rearrange text on editor x for whatever reason so there was no way to recover it. in hindsight i should’ve put the text on another engine before editor x but i shouldn’t have to expect complete failure from the platform I’m using. for the years that you’ve been out you have absolutely NO reason to be this disgustingly hard to use.

i just wanted to let this out of my chest because it seems that no one else on these forums have a solution to recover lost things that you had no intention on losing.

at LEAST allow me to recover past data and not just autosave absolutely anything with no way to turn back.

(other quick bugs I’ve faced while making ONE website)

  • image disappears while adjusting text
  • text disappears while adjusting text
  • text doesn’t know how ever to scale correctly
  • images on all pages randomly change position
  • ctrl+shift+z does nothing
  • ctrl+z moves text
  • using particular fonts turn back to “Avenir Light” after clicking off
  • if the background is an image, you have to delete the background to rescale page
  • Wix Store decides to delete itself when it wants
  • images load like a brick computer when going on a page
  • images sometimes decide not to load when placing them

i have no pride in saying that my website will be made under editor x and i’d even pay for a subscription to make that clear.


hello, @kalebdc
we are sorry to hear that something like this is happening with you site
our team are strive to improve performance of Editor X and make your experience better. As I can understand the problem is with performance in general and undo actions with ctrl+z not working properly for you. we would like to investigate this further, so may I ask you to share with us site link you have problems with and send some sort of the video recording?
along with this, I want to mention that you can use Site History tool to restore previous version of the site: