Element size Equal as ViewPort Size of Device

Hey, I have different sections and each of them contains container and image. They height and width are that of screen of desktop viewport. You can check it here: empyreanstudio.com

The problem is I want to each section to cover viewport size of mobile too but I am finding hard time doing it. Will you please help with that? Also, where to change browser page color like in simple mobile editor of Wix?

I am Naama from Editor X product team.
You should define the min height of the component in the Desktop and the Mobile breakpoints to be 100 VH, this should solve your main issue.
As for changing the page background color, this can be achieved by selecting the page (e.g. via pages panel for example) and opening the inspector (right-side panel).

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Thanks. That worked very well and now I got it. And I was not asking for background page color but was asking for setting chrome theme color, the address bar of browser like in simple Wix Mobile Editor

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@dev-vora Hello! I understood what you mean but unfortunately that’s not available in EditorX yet, as well as the other mobile tools from the original WiX Mobile Editor such as the logotype start, back-to-top button or social actions.
Let’s keep hoping (or you could perhaps fill a request in the option ‘Request New Feature’ from the ‘Help’ menu in EditorX).