Email calculation to a customer

Hi everyone!

I am having an issue, and I feel like it’s caused by overthinking an issue. I would like to email calculations to a customer. The specifics:

  1. The customer fills in a form with numbers (How many of this…? How much of that…?)

  2. The customer clicks Calculate

  3. A lightbox form opens and asks them for their contact information

  4. The customer fills in their contact information

  5. The customer clicks Submit

  6. Two emails are generated:

  7. One email to notify us that we need make contact with the customer (which I should be able to generate and send using Wix Automations)

  8. The second email gets sent to the customer, which contains calculations based on the values the customer filled in the form (from Step 1).
    *The email will display the values in a form/template (that I am hoping I can email).

I am looking for advice with Step 6b. How can I send an email containing the calculations? I am capturing the values, and performing the calculation, but I don’t know what to do next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!