Embed app that allows you to take calls

Can anyone help.
I am looking for an app that will allow customers to call me,by clicking on an icon from the website the call would appear on my phone-through internet- like a live chat but not only chat.
Wix ready app offers 200 minutes for 9euro/month,it is not enough.
I have added skype,but many of the customers got no skype so I am loosing the customers.would be good to have an app installed on my phone and a way customers can call from the website without the need to have/create an account

Look at Twilio Pgrammable Voice

Andreas do you know by any chance if there is a way to embed facebook personal messenger?As facebook pages messenger will not allow calls

I created in html a button and tried adding it to wix as html element but when i click on it it will not take people to my facebook page.

and in javascript you can target only facebook pages messenger

Do you mean the chat messenger? Like this?

Yes something like this.But I would like to target the messenger from my personal profile and not business page.How would i redirect customers to my personal messenger?
Personal profile allows calls/voice conversation between me and the customer,when facebook pages doesn’t have voice conversation option

@mels_design Inside Marketing Tools > Marketing Integrations we have an integration with CallRail. You should try it and I believe it answer your needs