Hi I am looking to add an additional ‘request info’ button below the ‘buy’ and ‘add to cart’ button on my product page where the customer can input their contact information to request more info for that specific product they are looking at

Hi @hello ,

If you wanted to display the button on a specific product, you can use getProduct() to identify the current project.

To control button / form visibility, use show() / hide() function to do so.

The above tips should bring you to the correct direction.

Does it solve your question?

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Sorry what I wanted to change was the width of the slider using velo. Sort of like a function whereby if the user click a button reduce the sliders width to half it current width

Thank you for your answer, sorry I am newbie, is there a way to have a stores products connect to a form submission? I basically want the button to bring up a form for the customer to submit there personal info and i want to form to automatically pick up what product they are enquiring about